Chromecast Episode 4 – China

Streamed live on Aug 6, 2013

In this 4th Episode of the, Nicolas Charbonnier reports on his journey to China to discover the latest developments in HDMI stick production and perhaps even find the factory where chromecasts are being made. He reports direct from his hotel room in Hong Kong on the first leg of his two week technological exploration.


Chromecastcast Episode 3 – Green Room

Streamed live on Jul 31, 2013

Nicolas Charbonnier, Jennifer Ruggiero, Brad and Jacob from the TechWebcast Australia, Chris Porter and host Paul Terry Walhus of discuss the news of the day about Googles new chromecast. Nicolas throws a solid punch at Google and urges them to get more outside the box with chromecast and deliver a more robust product. Tune in to the next chromecastcast on Tuesday August 6 at 7 pm right here on youtube as a Hangout on Air.